Prediction for 27th May- 28th May, 2022 by Anoothie Vedic Astrology

Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology
Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology

Today’s Panchang
 Month – Jyeshtha
 Paksha –Krishna Paksha
 Tithi – Dwadashi – upto 11:47 AM on 27 May 22, Tryodashi upto 1:09 PM on 28 May 22,
 Nakshatra – Ashwini upto 2:26 AM on 28 May 22, Bharani upto 4:39 AM on 29 May 22
Prediction Based on Moon Sign
Aries(Mesh) – Even though you will be happy, healthy, have good food, your enemies will be destroyed while you are having fun, but do not indulge in any unethical deed(which you will be inclined to), as such unethical deed will spoil all the fun and leave you in mental tension.
Taurus(Vrishabh) – Not only you will have problems in eye/ head, but also experience loss of respect, loss of cooperation and mental worries. Keep your words under control and do not unnecessarily get into an argument with your father’s brother or brother in law.
Gemini(Mithun) – Income is likely to increase unexpectedly as profits fluctuate on the rise and you make good progress with help of women elder than you. You may gain due to liquids but be aware that you need to be firm in decisions and avoid anything unethical.
Cancer(Kark) – Hard work and blessings from elders will give you success, good health, monetary gain, respect from seniors and elders. Promotion is on the cards and happiness will be at home.
Leo(Sinh) – You will have to work very hard and yet results will be elusive. You will be disillusioned and confused as to why this is happening, but as long as you are ethical, things will be alright in the end. Although during these days you will have differences with junior/ younger males and enemies will try to take advantage of the situation.
Virgo(Kanya) – Problem in eye/ear, headache/ joint ache or minor injury is likely along with minor ailment such as cough, cold etc may trouble you causing you irritation.
Libra(Tula) – The aspect of auspicious planets give you gains, profits, happiness, fun, pleasure, health, but you are likely to be deceived specially in personal relations which can cause you gloom , sorrow and make you upset. However, you will be happy with your partner today.
Scorpio(Vrishchik) – Blessings from seniors and hard work will give you monetary gains, maybe a short trip combining work and fun. Still the journey/ trip will be beneficial. However, the days will cause headache or problems of BP.
Sagittarius(Dhanu)- Luck is not in your favour despite a couple of auspicious planets watching your sign. You may get deceived and will be restless and disturbed causing you failures, loss of concentration, less or no belief in God. Drive carefully.
Capricorn(Makar) – Your ideas will not match with family causing unnecessary conflicts resulting in a restless mind, disturbed sleep and irregular food keeping you perplexed, tensed and sad. Your mother will be in discomfort too.

Aquarius(Kumbh)- You will feel healthy, will be able to silence opponents and critics with your valour. In addition you will be benefitted due to your family, get money, new clothes and luck will
favour you.
Pisces(Meen) – You will feel loss of strength, mental dissatisfaction, difference of opinion with family, losses due to undesirable males, failure / delays at work. Expenditure will be high and the knowledge as well as efforts you have put in will benefit others without any credit to you.
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