Prediction for 24th – 25th April, 2023 by Anoothie Vedic Astrology

Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology
Col Manoj Mehrotra Shastri_Vedic Astrology

Today’s Panchang

 Month – Chaitra
 Paksha – Shukla Paksha
 Tithi – Chaturthi up to 08:24 AM on 24 Apr 23, Panchami up to 9:39 AM on 25 Apr 23
 Nakshatra – Mrigshira up to 02:07 AM on 25 Apr, Ardra up to 4:21 AM on 26 Apr

Jupiter(Guru) transits to Aries(mesh) moon sign on 22 April 23. You can check predictions of this transit at

Prediction Based on Moon Sign

Aries(Mesh) – Till Monday afternoon, you are likely to meet crooked and bad people and have losses, including quarrels with friends/ relatives. Although you will enhance knowledge but you need to keep your communication under check as it can cause losses. Be careful while acting on advice of relatives. You can also have difference of opinion with family. Opponents will be strong, be careful. After Monday, till Tuesday , you will have success and pleasure with good health, respect but you will still be scared. You can get new friends. Recite Sankat Nashan Ganesh Srotra and jal to Surya.

Taurus(Vrishabh) – The days are good for you giving you happiness, wealth, good gains, success at work and will help to destroy your enemies. You will also have success in fields of knowledge, fun, frolic, art and beauty things. You will be blessed with luxury, glory and inclined towards truth. You will enjoy a good rapport with women of all ages. Tuesday will be mixed for you with gins, accumulation of wealth, expenditure, pleasure, good time with extended family, and progress in academics. But you will have difference of opinion within immediate family which will keep you mentally unsatisfied. Worship Shiv Pariwar and pray to Ma Gauri.

Gemini(Mithun) – You will have minor health issues till Monday afternoon, like pain in joints and eye problem. There will be loss of wealth and happiness as you have loss of cooperation and reputation keeping you worried and sad. Expenditure will be more. You may have loss of interest in food and enemies will have an upper hand in quarrels. Relatives will also be negative. Thereafter, till Tuesday, you will have mixed results of success and problems from bad people. There can be accidents and problems in journey. You will defeat enemies and have sudden profits too. Control your temper, tone and recite Hanuman Chalisa as much as you can.

Cancer(Kark) – Your income will increase as the days favour you and you get profit/ gains almost everywhere. Keep emotions under control and do not use it for undue advantage. You can progress well towards your plans. If you understand emotions of women and act, they will benefit you immensely. Liquids will benefit you, but not alcohol. Offer eatables(but not white items) to little girls. After Monday afternoon, you are likely to have minor health issues, insomnia, restlessness, problem in eyes and loss of cooperation from all sides. This will leave you emotionally exhausted and worried. Expenditure will increase. Pray to Shivji.

Leo(Sinh) – You will get success almost everywhere and your decisions will be good if you keep transparency. You will maintain good health, get monetary gains and respect from authorities, elders and seniors. You can be considered for a promotion or a good assignment, but keep your communication under control. Home front will be a happy place. Tuesday, the advantages of Monday will continue along with good progress on your plans. If you are in profession of ayurvedic medicines or liquids, you will gain more. Pray to Ganesh ji and offer jal to Surya.

Virgo(Kanya) – The days are not favourable as there can be problems from the state and cause you losses in business. But knowledge, logic and an elderly person will help you. Listen to him and act accordingly. Do not rely on younger males as they will further cause problems. In fact ignore them, as enemy will sense the discord with them and try to take advantage. Pray to your Guru and recite Hanuman Chalisa. The tables will turn after Monday afternoon as you get success in all works and approval of state authorities in whatever you do. You will get respect, promotion and your seniors as wella s elders will be happy. Pray to your Guru and recite Hanuman Chalisa.

Libra(Tula) – You are surely likely to have health issues like indigestion , body ache etc and this will keep you worried as work will suffer. Subordinates and servants will not obey causing you mental tension and worries. Do not get into a debt trap and avoid any arguments as no one will understand your point of view. Although, there will be sudden rise in luck after Monday afternoon, yet you should avoid dealing with state authorities. However, friends will help you in overcoming some issues prevailing. Avoid confrontations with younger males as enemies can make use of such situations. Keep quiet, work solo and avoid spicy food. Pray to Ganesh ji and Ma Laxmi.

Scorrpio(Vrishchik) – The days are good for you with help from women folk and giving you monetary gains, short beneficial trips(which may be limited to outskirts of the city). But in any case, anything you do running around will give you profits and good food as well as enjoyment. After Monday afternoon, you can have indigestion and minor health issues. Things will not be good as you have arguments and quarrels giving you tension which can cause you loss of wealth. Do not disrespect any female and pray to Ma Gauri as well as Hanuman ji.

Sagittarius(Dhanu) – The days will make you work hard physically and will give you monetary gains, keep you healthy, giving you fame and happiness. You can have good advice from women, but younger males need to be checked. You will be bale to defeat enemies but expenditure will be high. After Monday afternoon, you may take a short beneficial trip giving you monetary gains and good profits. You will enjoy spicy food as well as sweets. Recite Hanuman Chalisa as much as you can.

Makar(Capricorn) – If you are travelling, you can have problems in journey. If driving, drive carefully as you can have accidents, have hurdles/ failure at work, keeping you mentally disturbed. You should work hard but avoid being thick headed. After Monday afternoon, you will have monetary gains, keep healthy, get fame and happiness and enjoy good conversation with women. You will defeat your enemies and have a happy stay at home. Expenditure may be heavy. Recite Hanuman Chalisa and pray to Shani to keep you level headed.

Aquarius(Kumbh) – If already sick, sickness can aggravate. Enemies will try to create more problems, only calm thinking will give you solutions and cut your losses. You can have change of place/ transfer which will not be to your liking as you will be separated from relatives. There will be loss of wealth and problems in journey. Problems continue till Tuesday giving you confusion, loss of happiness and wealth. Avoid people of low stature. Do not be thick headed when you talk to your spouse as there will be difference of opinion and cause unhappiness. Recite Hanuman Chalisa and pray to Shani.

Pisces(Meen) – You will keep good health and will be interested in gaining knowledge. You are likely to be praised for being benevolent and may have to travel too. You may meet an old friend / make a new friend. Overall the days will give you money, good clothes, and win over enemies. Your family will be beneficial for you. Monday afternoon onwards you can have quarrels with family and have a restless mind giving you insomnia and disturbed food timings. Do not venture near water bodies and do not argue with women. Visit Laxmi Narayan temple.

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Moon changes sign every 2.25 days, hence the prediction is being done for 2 days

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