PM Modi woos British investors, pushes for ‘Make in India’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi wooed a gathering of business leaders at London’s financial hub Guildhall as he made a push for ‘Make in India’ campaign. The Prime Minister also listed the achievement of his government and said India’s credibility has improved globally in his 18 months in power.

“Government has worked very aggressively to make India an easy and simple place to do business. India is now one of the most open countries for foreign investments after the recent FDI policy,” PM Modi said.

“There is significant potential for India and the UK to further strengthen their economic ties,” he said.

Highlighting policy driven governance as the hallmark of Indian government’s strategy, PM Modi said, “At this point of time, it is wiser to be in India. We are making it easier to invest in India.”Earlier in the day, India and Britain signed a civil nuclear agreement following delegation-level talks between the two sides.After this, PM Modi addressed a joint session of the British parliament, becoming the first Indian prime minister to do so.

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