PM Gati-Shakti | Network planning group constituted across ministries

Plastic Waste Roads
Plastic Waste Roads

PM Gati Shakti – National Master Plan for multimodal Connectivity is a digital platform to bring the 16 Ministries including Railways and Roadways together for integrated planning and coordinated implementation of Infrastructure connectivity Projects. As per policy guidelines / Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) of this Ministry for development of the National Highway/Expressway under PM Gati Shakti National Master plan, all the Projects having total capital cost of more than Rs. 500 cr are presented before the Network Planning Group (NPG) for their comments/suggestion and overall assessment of the proposal. The state wise details of National Expressways including in the state of Haryana are enclosed at Annexure-A.

To ensure effective implementation of PM Gati Shakti projects, Network Planning Group has been constituted with representatives across Ministries. The key benefits of inter-ministerial coordination are as follows:

i. Integrated and holistic infrastructure planning and development

ii. Inter-sectorial planning synergies

iii. Efficient resource usage

iv. Streamlined and fast-tracked clearances for the environment, forest, wildlife, etc.

v. Reduced overall logistics cost and enhanced price competitiveness

The state wise details of Expressways being developed:

S.No Corridor Name Length

(in km)

Status States
1 Delhi – Mumbai EXP 1,386 Partially Completed Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Maharashtra
2 Ahmedabad – Dholera 109 Under Implementation Gujarat
3 Bengaluru – Chennai 262 Under Implementation Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu
4 Delhi – Amritsar – Katra 669 Under Implementation Haryana, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir
5 Kanpur – Lucknow EXP 63 Under Implementation Uttar Pradesh
Grand Total 2489 km    


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