Patanjali products in Kendriya Bhandar


In line with the objective of Kendriya Bhandar to make available items of daily needs to its consumers, more than 1,000 products, which include some products of Patanjali brand as well as that of Khadi and Village Industries such as Khadi Satreetha (Shampoo), Khadi Madhunishedh, Khadi Ambla Murabba, Khadi Herbal Kali Mehandi, Khadi Chvyanprash, Khadi Bhring Raj Oil etc. have been made available at the shelves of Kendriya Bhandar. There is no separate category for Khadi and Village Industries products in Kendriya Bhandar, therefore, sales record for the same is not maintained. The sale of any product is Kendriya Bhandar is purely dependent on customer’s demand.

There is no formal agreement for supply of Khadi products between Kendriya Bhandar and Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC). However, some Khadi Institutions are supplying Village Industries products to Kendriya Bhandar. Khadi and Village Industries Commission also has no details of the performance of Village Industries products in Kendriya Bhandars.

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