Paradigms of Knowledge Management


Published by Springer India, this book has been written by studying the knowledge management implementation at POWERGRID India, one of the largest power utility companies in the world. The patterns which have led to models, both hypothesized and data-enabled, have been provided. Dr. Krishna Nath Pandey, the writer of the book is former Dy. General Manager (HRD) in POWERGRID, presently engaged with Lingaya University.

The book suggests ways and means to follow for knowledge management implementation, especially for organisations with multiple business verticals to follow. The book underlines that knowledge is both an entity and organisational asset which can be managed. A holistic view of knowledge management implementation has been provided with systems modelling case studies.

The book also emphasizes the phenomenological importance of human resource parameters as compared to that of technological parameters. Various hypotheses have been tested to validate the significant models hypothesized. This work may  prove useful to corporations, researchers, and independent professionals working to study or implement knowledge management paradigms.

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