Non Marketing of Innovative Products of DRDO & DRDE

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Defence Research and Development Establishment (DRDE), a Gwalior based laboratory of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed the following medicines and medical equipment: –


• Monoisoamyl dimcracaptosuccinic acid (miDMSA) as a treatment for chronic arsenic poisoning.

• Alpha-ketoglutarate (A-KG) as an antidote for cyanide poisoning.

• 2-deoxiglucose (2-DG) as radio-modifier and cancer therapy.

Medical kits / Equipment:

• First Aid Kit Chemical Warfare (CW) Type A (for 03 persons).

• First Aid Kit Chemical Warfare (CW) Type B (for 30 persons) specially for field hospitals.

• Auto injector for on-field application of medicaments for treating Nerve Agent poisoning.

These Medicines and medical kits / equipment are very specific for Services for use during Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC) warfare scenario. Therefore, these have not been brought out in the open market.

However, DRDO developed herbal medicine “Lucoskin ointment and syrup” for treatment of Lucoderma has already been in the market since 2011.

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