NLCIL pays tributes to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar


NLCIL celebrated 126th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar on 14-04-2017 at Neyveli.Shri SubirDas Director (Mines) and Shri V.Thangapandian, Director (Power), of NLC IL paid floral tributes by garlanding Dr. Ambedkar’s bronze statue at Pudukuppam Junction,Neyveli. Shri N.Muthu, ED(HR), and Senior officials of NLC graced the occasion.

Dr.Sarat Kumar Acharya CMD,NLCI  in his absentia sent his  DR.B R Ambedkar Jayanthi Message, which was read by Shri N.Muthu, ED(HR).

In his special Message Dr.Acharya recalled the greatest contributions made by Dr. Ambedkar  by sighting  his visionary  works like  foundation for country’s Central Bank, Reserve Bank and  India’s first River Valley Project.

He Said Dr. Ambedkar’s  made a supreme contribution to the nation  by integrating the India’s vast diversity of people, language ,cultures and their  differing aspirations by expanding the idea of the nation -state.  He urged every individual to strive to realize Dr.Ambedkar’s dream for making India the greatest Republic of the World upholding our constitutional values.

Shri V.Thangapandian, the chief Guest recalled the struggles made by Dr. Ambedkar for social equality, he highlighted  how Dr.Ambedkar’s relentless  efforts made nation  free from  the ill practice of untouchability.   He said, now it is each and every individuals responsibility to eradicate ‘Cast’ feeling from  mindset  for realizing the dream of Dr.Ambedkar  for a great society , he added,.

Shri.SubirDas in his speech , stressed that when there is no difference in the animals ! then why it is in mankind ?, he informed how Dr. Ambedkar   kept efforts throughout his life for the up liftmen of the downtrodden and brought changes in the society.

Shri Asaithampi, President  and other office bearers of the Federation spoke on the occasion.

Senior officials, employees, Office Bearers of NLC SC/ST Employees’ Welfare Federation, Trade Unions & Welfare Associations   and public in large number from all walks of life participated in the celebrations and paid tributes to Dr. Ambedkar

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