NLCIL inaugurates 7 fish ponds for Integrated Aquaculture

NLCL biodiversity
NLCL biodiversity

Dr.Sarat Kumar Acharya CMD,NLCIL inaugurates  cluster of 07 fish ponds in  Kundan Kulam and added a new dimension  to biodiversity initiatives in NLCIL  by introducing integrated fish farming under  NLCIL CSR scheme at  Kundan Kulam water tank at Neyveli , on ,21.04.2017 .

Speaking on the occasion, CMD informed that Integrated Aquaculture system is a right approach, where fish farming and conservation will increase the productivity of water, land and associated resources in their natural habitat.  He stated that, this   Aqua culture   project is not for profit making but to contribute   and to promote sustainable development of` interlinked social and ecological systems, as part of bio diversity activities.

This Kundan Kulam  tank, a natural water resource area spreaded in a area of 9 acres  developed  into to 7 ponds with  depth of 3.6 m  with water spread area per pond between 2000 and 3000m2 with a cost of !50 Lakh.  In 6 ponds fishes varieties like Catla, Botla, Rogu,Grass Carp and Mirgal will be farmed and in 7th pond, Prawn culture  will be formed. In this 25% of area will be bunds. Dept. of Marine Biology, Annamalai University is consultant for this project.

The main linkages between Horticulture activities and fish culture involve the direct use of wastes, as well as the recycling of crop or manure-based nutrients which function as fertilizers and serves as soil conditioner. These food webs are algal and zooplankton blooms which provide “free” food to aquatic species that graze on the blooms.Earlier, NLCIL successfully introduced integrated farming system by using variety of plants and farm animals.

Integrated Aquaculture is a practice in which the by-products (wastes) from one species are recycled to become inputs (fertilizers, food) for another .i.e Fish fed in a pond produce faeces (nutrients) which in turn can be utilized by plants.  These plants may be a crop like vegetables (inner side of the pond) would be raised in the pond bund .These leves would be fed to the fishes as feed .Climbers like Bitter gourd and snake gourd provides shade to the pond. This model of fish farming will helpful to farmers of peripheral villages for further implementations in their respective villages.

Functional Directors, Shri Rakesh Kumar, Shri P.Selvakumar Shri R.Vikraman and Shri N.Muthu, ED/HR graced the occasion. Shri R.Mohan, CGM/CSR spoke on the occasion. Shri M.Karthikeyan, GM/TA and senior officials and employees and representatives of trade unions and Associations participated in the event.

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