NHAI | Taking measures to Curb Altercation Incidents at Toll Plazas

Toll Plazas
Toll Plazas

To address and reduce altercation incidents and enhance security at National Highway Toll Plazas, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has introduced Standard Operating Procedures (SoP). These guidelines aim to safeguard the interests of both commuters and toll operators, providing detailed instructions for NHAI field offices to ensure strict implementation and adherence by toll-collecting agencies. The objective is to effectively manage staff and road users.

As part of this initiative, NHAI has launched a special drive called ‘Toll par Calm.’ Under this program, NHAI has partnered with professional psychologists to provide anger management and customer delight training to Toll Plaza staff. The first training session was conducted at Murthal Toll Plaza in Haryana, and similar sessions will be held at other toll plazas across the country.

According to the SoP, NHAI field offices will oversee that toll-collecting agencies perform their duties in line with the guidelines. The toll-collecting agency is responsible for ensuring that toll plaza staff wears the designated NHAI uniform with a name badge. In the event of anticipated violence, only the Toll Plaza Manager/lane supervisors, equipped with body cameras, should handle such situations. Toll plaza staff should refrain from using provocative language or resorting to violence under any circumstances. If there is unruly behavior from a road user, the lane supervisor should intervene and attempt to peacefully resolve the issue. Toll Plaza officials may seek assistance from local police and file an FIR if the issue persists or escalates. Videography can be used as evidence to report such incidents to the police.

Any instance involving physical violence by a road user or damage to public property at the toll plaza must be promptly reported by the toll-collecting agency to the police and the relevant NHAI Project Implementation Unit with all necessary documents and proof.

NHAI field offices are responsible for ensuring that toll-collecting agencies have police verification for every staff member deployed at the toll plaza. Additionally, toll-collecting agencies must instruct toll plaza staff to be courteous with road users. The toll collection agency should provide a monthly statement of incidents/FIRs to the concerned NHAI Project Implementation Unit. In cases of inaction by the authorities, NHAI field officials can report to the District Collector and request action. Consolidated reports may be reviewed by NHAI Regional Office at state-level meetings.

Toll plazas often witness altercations between road users and toll plaza staff over toll-related issues. The issuance of the Standard Operating Procedure is aimed at minimizing such instances, fostering a smoother operation for both highway users and toll plaza officials in their day-to-day activities.

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