Neyveli Lignite Corporation Flood Affect – A factual look…


NLC operates three mines and four thermal power stations at Neyveli- To feed the thermal power station of 2990 MW capacity- lignite to a tune of 28.6 Million tons per annum is being excavated . Neyveli Mines face a typical problem, wherein the water below the lignite mineral is exerting an upward pressure of about 6 to 8 Kg/ To mine the lignite, the water pressure is to be minimized – This water for reducing the pressure is being used for thermal power station and is not let outside. This water is called groundwater. The mine being open cast spread over 50 Sq.Kms, the rain water gets collected at the bottom most part of the mines  wherein the lignite bed is located. This water is termed as storm water and only occasional pumping is done as and when required. NLC Mines deploy capital intrinsic equipments, damages caused to these equipments would mean a greater exchequer  to NLC and to the Govt. of India. Also, until these equipments are repaired, lignite excavation is not possible and consequent drop in power generation. Neyveil witnessed very heavy rainfall like other parts of the state, a total of 1250 mm of rain fall was  recorded during the month of November and up to 5th of December, 2015. All the  mines inundated and mining operation had to be stopped for evacuating storm water collected in the mines. Even if there where no Mines, the same rains would have affected more parts in this region as at least , the rain water collection is coursed into the Paravanar river. In fact, Neyveli Mines bore the brunt of this unprecedented rains in this region.

During every monsoon, maintenance works of Thermal Power stations will be taken as mining would be difficult during this period. The power requirement of the consumer would be adequately met from hydal power generation.

Neyveli has taken up lots of peripheral development works under CSR initiative. Around Rs.45 crores is spent under this scheme. The Wallajah lake was desilted by NLC at a total cost of Rs.14 Crores which ultimately increased the capacity of the tank by 210 crore litres. The paravanar has also been desilted, widened under this scheme. In case of any untoward incident caused by nature, NLC has always been in the fore front in extending all sorts of possible help to the needy. Like on the previous occasions, NLC has been providing food, accommodation  extending medical facility to the flood affected people of Cuddalore District. Sofar, water lorries for providing drinking water, buses for transporting the flood affected people, medical teams , two each from NLC and PIMS( NLC sponsored) have been deployed , food packets around 50,000 have been provided.

During the month of November , there was loss of generation of power  amounting to about Rs.400 Crores, besides loss to the mining equipments which are submerged in the rain water, which would add some more crores of rupees, which is yet to be assessed as the rains continue. With all this, NLC is doing a balanced act of ensuring safety of the mines and its surroundings. Only under the strict vigil of the state Govt. authorities, restricted pumping is carried out. Inundation of paravanar is not due to pumping of rain water from mines alone, but also due to the heavy rain in the catchment areas of Paravanar. wishes NLC the very best for all its efforts.

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