New Railway Initiative in facilitating Cancellation and Refunds

Railway Board

In yet another passenger friendly measure, Ministry of Railways have now decided that one of the UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) counter at the existing PRS (Passenger Reservation System) ticket booking locations shall be converted into UTS cum PRS counter only for cancellation and refund of PRS. Counter tickets during the non-working hours of PRS counters at stations or in case of non availability of current counters at the station.

Cancellation and refund of PRs counter tickets shall be made across the earmarked UTS cum PRS counter (only for refund of PRS counter tickets) beyond the working hours of existing PRS counters or current counters as per refund Rule, under the following circumstances : –

(a)   Refund shall be granted as per refund Rule

(b)   This facility shall be available on the tickets for those trains whose scheduled departure time is within 24 hours from the time of cancellation of tickets.

(c)    If current counters are not available at the station or no PRS counter is working beyond the working hours of PRS counters in that case PRS counter tickets may be cancelled and refund may be granted across such nominated UTS cum PRS counter.

(d)   In no case during the working hours of PRs or current counters of a particular station such refund shall be granted across UTS cum PRS counter.

(e)    (i) Cancellation ticket shall not be issued in this case and original tickets shall be retained by counter clerk as is being retained at PRS counter for accountal purpose. No UTS roll shall be utilised for this purpose.

(ii) However, if on one PNR all the passengers (say 6 passengers) have confirmed accommodation and out of 6 passengers two passengers do not want to travel and cancel the same in that case new tickets shall require to be issued. For such tickets the printer of existing PRS counters may be utilized.

(iii) If the passenger has already provided mobile number, SMS on the registered mobile number shall be sent for refunded amount. Passenger shall also be asked to provide the mobile number in the cancellation form during the time of cancellation to send the SMS for refunded amount. Adequate number of cancellation forms shall be made available at such counters.

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