NCMC reviews rescue and relief operations in quake-hit Nepal


The National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) under the Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary, Shri Ajit Seth reviewed here  the status of rescue and relief operations undertaken by different agencies of Government of India in different parts of Nepal. The National Disaster Response Force is continuing search and rescue operations.  It has rescued 11 persons alive and retrieved 129 dead bodies till date.  The NCMC noted that different State Governments have intensified their efforts towards providing relief materials to Nepal.  These materials include tents, tarpaulins, medicines, dry food and water.  The medical teams sent by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have made two operation theaters functional and have operated more than 20 cases so far.  Experts from India are involved in restoration of power-lines, communication network and other relief related activities in various parts of Nepal. Those desirous of sending relief materials to Nepal may please give details to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Control Room at Helpline No. 1078.  The subscribers calling from outside Delhi should dial 011-1078.NDMA has also provided a Missing Persons Registration Page. Details of missing persons can also be given wishes the very best.

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