Mobirapid | A Re-commerce Platform for Used and Refurbished Devices

Mobirapid | A Re-commerce Platform for Used and Refurbished Devices


Mobirapid stands at the forefront of the re-commerce platform sector, aimed at revolutionising the sustainable marketplace for pre-worshiped electronic devices. By offering quality, refurbished devices and global technology at affordable prices, it directly addresses the prevalent issues in the market, such as insufficient quality checks and limited finance options for middle-class users and students.

“The current linear economy model is based on a ‘take-make-dispose’ approach, leading to significant waste generation. Products are often discarded after a single use or a short life span”, says Mr. Anmol Makkar and Mr. Sachin Kakrate, who founded Mobirapid in 2022.

Joining forces with Mr. Sushil Sharma, CEO and founder of Marwari catalysts, India’s fastest growing global startup accelerator, the goal is to spearhead the re-commerce industry for electronic devices, while making the planet polar bear friendly in the process. Establishing a sustainable supply chain, envisioning a robust supply chain network for pre-owned and refurbished mobile phones, laptops, and various devices in tier 2, 3, and 4 cities, aimed at revolutionising and organising the pre-loved device market with an eco-conscious approach.

● Diverse Range of Services and Products offering an array of services and products catering to different consumer needs, namely, Open Box: Featuring unused, non-activated devices with opened or no boxes, As Is: Including used products with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and no repairs, Refurbished: Showcasing used products meticulously repaired, subjected to quality checks, and ready for sale.
● Emphasis on quality assurance by implementing a meticulous 34-point quality check system to ensure the highest quality standards, epitomising excellence.
● Promising top-notch products with a comprehensive 3-day replacement policy and a generous 6-month warranty accompanying every device, prioritising customer satisfaction and assurance.
● Enhanced user experience and customer support by providing an array of multiple payment and finance options for ease and convenience, delving into after-sales assistance, ensuring a smooth customer journey. Introducing open box delivery to uphold the highest standards of user satisfaction and convenience.
● Driving sustainability and profitability, treating profitability as a milestone while maintaining a firm focus on advocating for the circular economy model emphasis on reusing, refurbishing, and recycling products to extend their lifespan, thus minimising waste generation and lowering the carbon footprint.
● Championing environmental awareness, Introducing recycling channels and encouraging active participation in the buying and selling of pre-owned devices, spreading environmental awareness, underscoring the importance of sustainable consumption practices to combat environmental degradation and pollution.

HQ : Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Founding Team :

• Mr. Anmol Makkar Co-Founder and CEO
• Mr. Sachin Kakrate Co-Founder and COO

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