Making of Satellite and Launch Vehicles

Making of Satellite and Launch Vehicles -IndianbUreaucracy
Making of Satellite and Launch Vehicles -IndianbUreaucracy
India presently has 39 operational satellites in orbit comprising of 17 Earth observation (including meteorological), 13 communication, 7 navigational and 2 Space Science satellites. These satellites are being utilised to meet the demands of Central & State Governments and private-entities in the area of natural resources management, infrastructure planning, disaster management support, enabling weather forecasting, satellite communication and navigation. Significant increase in the capacity is needed to ensure continuity of services and to meet various emerging demands in these areas.
Considering the enhanced national requirements for launching satellites for earth observation, communication & navigation, the present capacity of launches is a constraint. ISRO has been pursuing a conscious approach of building up and nurturing the industrial capabilities in the country to maximally support the Indian Space Programme. Through appropriate transfer of technology and hand-holding, ISRO is making focused efforts to enhance participation of Indian industries for manufacturing of space related hardware, such as rocket engine & stages, propellant tanks, spacecraft structures, solar panels, thermal control systems, electronic packages etc., required for satellites and launch vehicles.
In order to step up the launch capacity within the country, ISRO is in the process of exploring the possibility of involving Indian industry in a greater role towards productionisation of integrated systems/subsystems, including assembly and testing by vendor as per ISRO’s design.

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