Logistics Management System of Vaccines


The immunisation programme in India has adequate cold chain storage capacity and therefore none of the vaccines loose efficacy due to lack of storage space.

For ensuring quality supply chain logistics management system the following steps are taken:

1. Every district has refrigerator mechanic or cold chain technician for repair and maintenance of cold chain equipment, however few states are also allowed Annual maintenance contract with local vendors for repair and maintenance of cold chain equipment.

2. Overall, sickness rate of cold chain equipment in the country is below 2 % at any point of time. Sickness rate denotes the functionality of cold chain equipment.

3. Cold chain equipment are provided with temperature monitoring devices and storage temperature is monitored and recorded daily.

In addition to above, for better management of supply chain real time cold chain equipment monitoring is done through an online portal (National Cold Chain Management Information System) managed at National Cold Chain & Vaccine Management resource centre located at National Institute of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi.

In addition, to cold chain monitoring, vaccine stock is also monitored through online software known an Electronic vaccine intelligence network in few states, at present.

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