IRCTC Vigilance Awareness Week- 2016


On the directives of Central Vigilance Commission, IRCTC is observing Vigilance Awareness Week- 2016 on the theme “Public participation in promoting Integrity and eradicating Corruption” from 31st October to 5th November 2016.

In order to be aware and prevent cases of cheating/corruption, people are requested to observe the following DO’s and DONT’s while booking e-tickets and booking of meal orders to be delivered in trains/stations:

1. E- ticketing

  • While creating your own personal ID at, please give correct details like Name, Address, Mobile No., e-mail address etc.
  • If booking through agent, book through IRCTC authorized Retail Service Providers (list available at and pay the prescribed IRCTC and Agent service charge per ticket irrespective of no. of passengers. Always insist to have cash receipt of the full amount paid by you.
  • Please ensure that agent gives your mobile No. while booking so that you get SMS of ticket details including the Fare + other charges.
  • Never purchase or sell e-tickets generated from personal user IDs. It is an offence under section 143 of the Railway Act 1989. E-tickets purchased/sold from personal user IDs are liable to be cancelled at any time.
  • For overcharging/other irregularity committed by IRCTC authorized Retail Service Providers, lodge a complaint (alongwith copy of e-ticket and cash memo) with .
  1. E-catering
  • For booking of meal orders in trains/stations, use IRCTC website or phone numbers 1323 (Toll free) or SMS <MEAL><SPACE><PNR> to 139 or mobile application with name `Food on Track`.
  • The sole website for booking of meal orders to be delivered in trains/at stations is the IRCTC E-catering website.
  • All orders for delivery in train would bear the order number issued by IRCTC only.
  • Lodge a E-catering related Complaint on mail id – wishes the very best.

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  1. Sir,
    I am IRCTC customer since last 6 years and have an e.wallet.
    Unfortunately, your site is harassing me 9SENIOR CITIZEN) to open my account to book a ticket from Nasik to Adilabad for 28th, since yesterday evening. To-day since 9 a.m. I am trying , but the account is not being opened every time- pass word is wrong, bad credentials, and some sort of non-sense objections. There is no change in my user-ID and password since long. But every time it is such non-sense reasons to open the account. I am fed up with this site.
    Certainly there is some mischief to give scope to Agents or to time pass the genuine customers till TATKAL time starts.
    Please look into this and take immediate necessary action to see that no PROBLEM SHOULD BE FACED BY ME IN FUTURE IN OPENING THE IRTCTC ACCOUNT. If there is problem, send the OTP to registered Mobile, instead of harassing the customers to try to open the genuine account customer. No of times tried but harassment continued and could not book the ticket. Is IRCTC to sujpport AGENTS rather than genuine customers.

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