Inter-Linking of Rivers

Ministry of Water
Ministry of Water

Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation  has constituted a “Task Force for Interlinking of Rivers” vide Office Memorandum dated April 13, 2015, to look into issues relating to Inter linking of Rivers (ILR). The terms of reference of Task Force are as follows:-    Take-up all issues for expediting the work on Interlinking of River as per National Perspective Plan for Interlinking of Himalayan and Peninsular rivers. They would also facilitate interlinking of intra-state, intra-basin rivers. Briefly the Task Force would review the; 

  1. Time schedules for completion of remaining feasibility studies and DPRs.
  2. Implementation schedule of the ILR project.
  3. Innovative funding mechanisms for ILR Projects.                                                                                                          Consider alternative plans, in case the proposals in the National Perspective Plan are not feasible. III.     Provide guidance on norms of appraisal of individual projects in respect of economic viability, socio-economic, environmental impacts and preparation of resettlement plan;  Devise suitable mechanisms for bringing about speedy consensus amongst the states; Propose suitable organisational structure for implementing the project;    Review the work of the sub-committees set up by the special committee on ILR and facilitate the completion of task assigned to them.VII.   Any other aspects considered essential to achieve the objective mentioned above.

In order to speed up the implementation of Inter- Linking of River Programme and to arrive at consensus on the link proposals between the States, a Special Committee on interlinking of Rivers, has already been constituted by the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation in September, 2014. Three meetings of the Special Committee for Interlinking of Rivers (ILR) have been held so far, wherein State Irrigation/Water Resources Ministers along with the Secretaries of various States attended the meeting. The Committee after considering the views of all the stakeholders is proceeding ahead to expedite the objectives of interlinking rivers as per terms of reference of the Committee. This information was given by Union Minister of State for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Prof. Sanwar Lal Jat in a written reply in Lok Sabha .


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