Inter-Connectivity of Police Stations

Police Stations-Indian Bureaucracy
Police Stations-Indian Bureaucracy

The Government is implementing a project in the name of Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) with the objective of tracking crime and crime related data across the country in a common network eco-system. Out of 15027 Police Stations covered under the CCTNS project, 12844 Police Stations have been integrated to respective State Data Centers (SDCs) and National Data Centre (NDC) and are using the CCTNS application software.

The Government of India has taken steps for setting up of 36 cybercrime Training centers in States/UTs to train law enforcement agencies, Police Officers, Public Prosecutors and Judicial Officers. Under the CCTNS project there is a provision of role based training to police personnel including Investigation officers on CCTNS application software.

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