Infrastructure along Indo-China Border

Indo-China Border-Indian Bureaucracy
Indo-China Border-Indian Bureaucracy

Indo-China border is characterised by high altitude and difficult terrain. In order to ensure effective border policing along Indo-China border, the border guarding force i.e. Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) conducts short range and long range patrols in consultation with Indian Army. To provide accessibility government is taking up infrastructure works in border areas. Development of infrastructure is a continuous process.

Although, no formal study has been conducted to analyze migration of border population to urban areas due to lack of basic amenities and livelihood, the basic amenities in border villages are found to be less than desirable.

Development of basic amenities is the responsibility of the state governments. However, Government of India is taking necessary steps to provide the basic facilities to the border villagers. Border Area Development Programme (BADP) is being implemented through the State Governments. BADP is a part of comprehensive approach to the Border Management to meet the special developmental needs of the people living in the remote and inaccessible border areas and to saturate the border areas with essential infrastructure through convergence with other Central/ State Government’s schemes. The developmental activities taken up by State Governments under BADP relate to infrastructure development such as link roads, education, health, drinking water, electricity, agriculture and skill development etc.

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