India’s share in International Satellite Market

International Satellite_indianbureaucracy
International Satellite_indianbureaucracy

According to the published reports available in the public domain on the international satellite market, the average annual revenue over the last three years, is approximately $200 billion (Rs. 13 Lakh Crore), which includes the launch services market (Rs. 0.37 Lakh Crore), satellite manufacturing (Rs. 1.07 Lakh Crore), ground equipment (Rs.3.85 Lakh Crore) and satellite services (Rs. 8.17 Lakh Crore). ISRO is providing the launch capacity, when available, for launching satellites on a commercial basis through Antrix Corporation Limited. During the last year (2015-16), Antrix earned a revenue of approximately Rs. 230 Crore through commercial launch services, which is about 0.6% of the global launch services market.

In order to meet the enhanced national requirements for launching satellites for earth observation, communication & navigation, ISRO is taking steps to increase the launch capacity. ISRO will continue to provide the launch capacity, when available, for commercial launch services. Towards stepping up the launch capacity, ISRO is in the process of exploring the possibility of enhanced involvement of Indian industry. Besides meeting the national demand, the industry can explore the opportunities for commercial launch services. wishes the very best.

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