Indian Railway Team wins World Railway Championship, 2015 in Tennis and Volleyball

USIC Volleyball Championship 2015
USIC Volleyball Championship 2015

In The 20th USIC- Tennis (World Railways) Championship held at  Nuremberg, Germany from 31st  May, 2015 to 6th June, 2015, Indian Railway Team defeated France by a margin of 3-1 in the finals and won USIC Tennis Championship 2015.  Last time the Indian Railway Tennis Team had won Silver Medal during last USIC Tennis Championship held in 2011 as well.

In another event in 20th USIC –Volleyball (World Railways) Championship held at Gomel, Belarus from 10th  June 2015 to 17th June 2015, Indian Railway Team defeated Russian team in the finals and won USIC Volleyball Championship 2015.

Last time, Indian Railway Volleyball Team had won Bronze Medal during the USIC Championship held in 2011.

USIC (Union Sportive Internationale des Cheminots) is an international railways sporting association with members from various countries.

The purpose of USIC is to encourage the practice of amateur sport among railway employees in all over the world a spirit of comradeship and in accordance with the Olympic ideal and to develop among them a spirit of loyalty, tolerance and democracy.


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