India to buy 194 microlights from Pipistrel, Slovenia

Pipistrel's Virus SW 80_indianbureaucracy
Pipistrel's Virus SW 80_indianbureaucracy

India is all set to buy 194 microlight aircraft from Pipistrel, a Slovenian light aircraft manufacturer for ab initio flying training, surveillance, aerial photography and high-altitude operations. The deal is said to be inked shortly.

Though it is not clear as to which one of a series of light aircraft would be procured but in all probability, it would be a variant of the Pipistrel’s Virus SW 80/100, sources say it may be known as Garud.  The aircraft to be provided to Indian users has been specially tweaked to meet the buyer’s requirements.Pipistrel's Virus SW 80_indianbureaucracy

The deal is being inked after four years of protracted negotiations with the Slovenian company meeting all the requirements put forth by the Indian customer. wishes that the deal goes through smoothly and the microlights start their work asap.

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