Improving Quality of Nursing and Paramedic Colleges

Bird Flu-indian Bureaucracy
Bird Flu-indian Bureaucracy

Under the Scheme of Development of Nursing Services, an amount of Rs. 6.00 crore is provided for upgradation of School of Nursing into College of Nursing.  Under the Scheme of Setting up of State Institutions of Paramedical Sciences and Setting up of College of Paramedical Education, an amount of Rs. 13.70 crore is provided to each identified State Governments.

To improve the quality of Nursing educational as well as upgrade the knowledge and skills of nursing teachers, Indian Nursing Council has taken many pro-active steps such as:

  1. Student patient ratio has been changed from 1:5 to 1:3;
  2. The land from 5 acres has been relaxed to construct building of 54,000 sq. ft. for school/college of Nursing and Hostel;

    iii.     Conducting Capacity building training of teachers of pre-service education;

  1.  Relaxing norms for teaching faculty to start B.Sc. (N) Programme:
  • At least 2 M.Sc. (N) faculty to be available;
  • Qualification and Experience of the Nursing Teachers has been relaxed;
  • Sharing of teaching faculty for both Diploma and Graduate Programme;
  1. Relaxation for opening M.Sc. (N) programme:
  • Super speciality Hospital can start M.Sc.(N) without having under graduate programme.
  • Relaxation of student teacher ratio for M.Sc (N) programme has been relaxed from 1:5 to 1:10
  1. Age increased for Teaching Faculty up to 70 years.

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