Home Ministry issues alert, asks users to delete 4 apps from smartphones to prevent cyber fraud


The Home Ministry in an alert issued on Tuesday said that Pakistani agencies are sending malwares in smartphones through mobile apps to steal vital information of the users.

The ministry has asked mobile users to immediately delete four apps -Top Gun (game app), Mpjunkie (music app), Bdjunkie (video app) and Talking Frog (entertainment app)- from their smartphones to prevent cyber fraud.

According to the Home Ministry, Pakistani agencies are infecting mobile phones in India with malwares through these apps to steal sensitive information and for espionage purposes.

There are high chances of cyber fraud because of such apps when mobile banking is used on smartphones, the ministry said.

The government in May issued a similar alert when it said that Pakistan’s security agency ISI is spying on Indian security forces using malwares through mobile gaming and music applications such as Top Gun and talking frog.

Malware (malicious software) is any software used to disrupt computer or mobile operations to gather sensitive information or data. It’s a type of virus designed to infiltrate devices without the users’ consent.

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