Heavy Expenditure on Subsidies in Indian Railways

Ministry of Railways

Indian Railways carries out certain transport activities which are uneconomic in nature but carried out in the larger interest of the society.

Revenue forgone due to concession being given to various categories of passengers in the passenger fare is 1602 crore for the year 2015-16. There is, however no proposal at present to make any change in the concession being provided.

The details of losses incurred on account of these activities during the last three years are as under:-

(  In crore)

S.No. Details 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
1 Loss on coaching services (suburban and non-suburban passenger traffic, parcel and luggage etc.) 32067 33491 34031
2. Loss on essential commodities carried below cost of operation 53 69 76 wishes the very best.

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