Experiencing acidity in office ? Don’t ignore it may lead to complex acid peptic disease !

Experiencing acidity in office
Experiencing acidity in office

Do you experience acidity during office hours? Don’t ignore as it may lead to other complex acid peptic disease!

Acid reflux or commonly known as acidity is a common condition that features indigestion, a burning pain or sensation known as heartburn especially around the lower chest area. Some people may experience bit of pain with acidity and others may not. It basically happens when your stomach acid flows back to your food pipe.

It is very common problem amongst the office going population because of their fast-paced lifestyle. I will share how you can help curb the acid reflux problem but one need to understand that it is not a minor issue as in the long-run it may lead to other complex diseases.


Why you need to take problem of acidity so seriously?

In medical guidelines, if acid reflux problem occurs more than twice a week it can lead to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). GERD disease can affect people of all ages and most of the time it is the lifestyle factor combined with bad-eating habits which leads to it. GERD if not treated, may lead to damage of esophagus (it is a muscular tube connecting your throat and stomach), ulcers and in worst cases even cancer.

Now, only GERD is not the problem as any medical condition is left untreated can lead to many more complex acid peptic diseases. I will not get into the details of those complex diseases as my aim is to share my experience on precaution or steps to curb or prevent acidity. But one thing is clear by now; acidity can’t always be treated as a minor health issue.

Precautions one can take to prevent acidity?

The precautions or steps I am about to share are basically based out of my own experience as I have faced acid reflux issue in my younger days and lifestyle makeover was the big step which worked for me. There was a point when medicine didn’t used to work on me and I used to remain tensed whole day. Slowly I started reading about it, discussed with experts and started implementing small changes step by step in my lifestyle. Sharing the same with you all:


1.) Aim to drink 4-5 liters of water – We at times don’t count the amount of water we drink on daily basis. If you have acidity problem, you may require higher water consumption than others. 4-5 liters is good enough of water and it is a natural source available to us which helps flush out extra acid through urine or say help neutralizing it.

2.) Avoid long gaps between meals – Yes, if you generally ignore the meal timings this is for you. Our brain triggers ghrelin hormone in response to empty stomach & release of stomach acid to digest food and if food is not consumed for a long gap, the stomach acids start attacking the stomach lining causing hunger pain and acidity.

3.) Avoid carbonated beverages, citrus juice and caffeine – Many observational studies have shown that use of carbonated beverages and caffeine leads to increase of acid reflux symptoms or say worsens it. Though citrus juices can be taken in moderate quantities but still avoid too much of orange or grapefruit juice.

4.) Don’t overeat or avoid large meals – The acid reflux symptoms generally take place after a meal. Larger a meal, chances are high it will worsen the case.

5.) Follow quantified nutrition & exercise – Digestion generally improves when you start eating quantified nutrition combined with daily exercise. You eat as per your goals, don’t divert from the food choices and strengthen your outer as well internal system of the body.

6.) Limit your alcohol intake – Alcohol intake also increases the symptoms of acid reflux, it increases the flow of stomach acid and impairs the ability of the esophagus to clear the acid. Now, nothing is healthier than other whether its wine, beer or rum they all contain alcohol in different percentages.

Remember precaution is always better than cure!

Hope it helps!


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About the Author : Lucky Gaur is an INFS Certified Fitness and Nutrition Consultant and a Diploma holder  in Naturopathy & Yogic Science, All India Nature Cure Federation. The views expressed in the article are his personal. 

To Contact: nattygaur@gmail.com


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  1. Acidity should be treated seriously as it leads to stressful disease like migrain.
    Drink as much water as possible. Do not depend on tea but have adequate lunch.
    Drinking too much tea also creates acidity.
    Always avoid acidity enhancing food instead of using medicines for acidity relief.

    Healthy food makes healthy life!

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