Dr. Raghuveer Chaudhari conferred with the 51st Jnanpith Award


The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee conferred the 51st Jnanpith Award on renowned writer, Dr. Raghuveer Chaudhari on July 11, 2016 at a function held at Parliament Library Building, New Delhi.

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that an eminent scholar and a Gandhian in spirit and behaviour, Dr. Chaudhari represents the fluid brilliance that characterizes India’s pluralistic literary genius. It is indeed an example of his brilliant fluidity that an author, who strove to master Hindi academically, expressed himself in Gujarati in his literary pursuit. He said that he had been informed that Dr. Chaudhari has been an ardent writer of Hindi columns as well, and his literary work has explored varied genre of poetry, prose, novels, and fictions as also commentary on contemporary issues. He was sure that as a teacher also, he would have inspired his students to nurture the creative potentiality in them. As a writer, who has explored existentialism in his works, analysed the functional aspect of human life and profoundly expressed his thoughts in his poetry through images and symbols, Dr Chaudhari has rightfully joined the stellar constellation of his predecessor awardees. He said that mortal beings do not remain but their creations remain for a long time and therein lies the success of a master creator. He said that Dr. Chaudhari was one such creator.

The President said that when one looks at the stars in the constellation of Jnanpith awardees, it gives us a shining view of the linguistic diversity inherent in the ancient artistic and linguistic unique heritage of India. The authors in this list have each, excelled in celebrating this diversity and at the same time strengthening its essential unity and centrality of purpose.

The President said that this occasion of presentation of Jnanpith award today also gives us an opportunity to recall the contributions of Late Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain and Late Smt. Rama Jain, whose efforts in promoting Indian languages and literature and establishing the Bhartiya Jnanpith remain a shining example. He reiterated that it is not possible on the part of one agency to ensure the full-fledged development of art, literature and development of creativity. It can only be possible by the efforts of society as a whole. He was happy that the corporate sector had come forward nearly a century ago to nurture and recognize talent. Today, many more such organizations with the objective of serving society are coming up.

The President stated that it is through translation of literature in various languages that makes it possible for a wider section of people to have access to it. He said that Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel Prize many years ago. In the period after that, Indian literature has not been less rich. However, there is need to propagate the literature in India and take the creative genius of Indian languages to the world audience.

IndianBureaucracy.com wishes Dr. Raghuveer Chaudhari the very best.

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