Dr Jitendra Singh | SSC aims to conduct competitive examinations in all 22 Indian Languages

Jitendra Singh
Jitendra Singh

#IndianLanguages #LanguageEmpowerment | Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh highlighted the government’s initiative to conduct competitive examinations in all 22 Indian languages mentioned in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution. This move aims to provide a level playing field to aspiring candidates. Dr. Singh emphasized the importance of linguistic diversity and its role in creating opportunities for all.

The Minister noted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s directive led to SSC examinations being conducted in 13 languages, including 11 regional languages, alongside Hindi and English. This step, taken since 2014, allows candidates to choose their preferred language for examination, a departure from the previous requirement of Hindi or English.

Furthermore, Dr. Singh mentioned that exams like JEE, NEET, and UGC are also conducted in 12 Indian Languages, encouraging greater participation and inclusivity. He emphasized the significance of NEP 2020 in promoting regional languages and preparing students for a globally competitive environment while upholding Indian values and traditions.

The Minister affirmed the government’s commitment to linguistic diversity, recognizing it as a cornerstone of India’s cultural heritage. He urged all citizens to take pride in their language and contribute to its growth. Dr. Singh reiterated PM Modi’s vision of providing education in regional languages, a transformative step towards a ‘Viksit Bharat’ in 2047.

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