Dr Harsh Vardhan says that “Make in India”Programme is aimed at making India an Economic Power

Harsh Vardhan
Harsh Vardhan

Dr.Harsh Vardhan has said that under the visionary leadership of the Prime Minster Shri Narendra Modi, India will gain economic strength leading to better living standards for the common people. He was addressing the Jan Kalyan Parva public meeting to mark the completion of one (1) year of the NDA Government of Shri Narendra Modi, near Jhansi. The Minister said various programmes under his ministry are also focused to see that the ‘Make in India’ programme is a success and that the country becomes self reliant.

The Minister said that the present Government has taken co-operative federalism to another level and Shri Narendra Modi, believes that Team India comprises of the Union Government and all the States. The Minister said that the Union Government is willing to engage with states to address development initiatives and discuss state specific issues and encourage the State Governments to compete for progress of people in their states. Dr.Harsh Vardhan pointed out that Congress and other opposition parties are indulging in unnecessary criticism as they are suffering from a lack of trust even though the country was witnessing a systematic change in every sector.

The Minister added that the confidence of the people has been restored after the country had witnessed rampant corruption during the UPA rule in the last ten years.

Dr.Harsh Vardhan added that under the Government of Shri Narendra Modi government, the farmer and the agriculture sector were given top priority in allocation of the Nation’s resources.

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