Dr. Alka Beotra nominated Member of the Executive Board of WAADS

Dr. Alkha
Dr. Alkha

Dr. Alka Beotra, Scientific Director, National Dope Testing Laboratory, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, has been nominated to the Executive Board of WAADS (World Association of Anti Doping Scientists). Her tenure on the Executive Board of WAADS will be for a period of three years, i.e. from March 2015.

The WAADS is an organisation comprising anti doping scientists from all the WADA- accredited labs across the world. The purpose of WAADS is to allow WADA-accredited laboratories to interact within their own group as well as to provide assistance to others to combat the issue of doping in sport. In the six-member Executive Board of WAADS, Dr. Beotra is the only member from Asia.

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