Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurated 2days seminar on coal & power sector


Shri Dharmendra Pradhan in his keynote address lauded the new initiatives taken by Government of India in the last three years in various sectors like Coal, Power, Renewable Energy, Mines, Petroleum & National Gas, and also called for collective effort for further enhancement of productivity across all sectors in India. He explained that energy is the backbone of growth for every economy, and in India, growth is primarily dependent on growth and productivity of our agriculture sector, for which Government is committed to make available every form of energy to them. With the proactive steps and initiatives being taken, we are sure to grow faster and be more productive in the days to come. He cited an example of present scenario of growing consumption of petroleum products in Indian villages and this is because of the cyclists are moving towards motorbikes and motor-bikers are upgrading themselves to small cars. It depicts the growth story from grass-root level.

Hon’ble Minister portrayed about ‘Energy Basket’, consideration of all form of energy. He advised the organizers of this Seminar to deliberate on increasing the productivity of ‘Energy Basket’ of India in a holistic manner. He stressed that only with the increased all-round productivity, we can achieve multi-dimensional growth in socio-economic sphere of the country, resultantly the social evils like poverty and unemployment shall be vanished.

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