Devices to avoid Accidents at Unmanned Railway Level Crossings


Railway had developed Train Actuated Warning Device (TAWD) to warn road users about approaching trains at unmanned level crossing gates. However the equipment is not vandal and theft proof. As such its availability 24×7 at unmanned gate location could not be ensured, defeating the very purpose of its requirement.

Further, following steps have been taken to develop vandal and theft proof warning system at unmanned level crossing gates:-

i) RDSO in association with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur is developing prototype vandal and theft proof equipment.

ii) ISRO has also taken up a project based on satellite communication system to warn road users at unmanned level crossing gates. This is currently under development.

Equipments will be deployed in a phased manner at unmanned level crossing gates after a suitable tamper and theft proof equipment is developed.

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