Dept of Biotechnology | Disposal of pending matters continues in full swing

Department of Biotechnology (DBT)
Department of Biotechnology (DBT)

The Department of Biotechnology, along with its autonomous bodies (ABs), is dedicated to reducing the backlog of various pending matters and has been maintaining the momentum of its Special Campaign 3.0 for Disposal of Pending Matters (SCDPM 3.0) into its third week. This campaign has achieved significant progress in addressing various pending issues, including VIP references, public grievances, record management, disposing of scrap materials, and optimizing office and outdoor spaces.

Up to the third week of the campaign, the Department, its ABs, and Public Sector Units (PSUs) have reviewed and closed more than 20,100 physical files and over 370 e-files. Furthermore, they have liberated more than 42,000 square feet of space and generated approximately Rs. 6.9 lakh in revenue through the disposal of scrap and unusable materials. Notably, 80% of the pending public grievances and VIP references have already been addressed. The campaign has also focused on beautifying outdoor spaces and creating recreational areas.

The Department and its ABs are actively sharing their campaign activities and progress on social media, with more than 80 tweets issued thus far. The Nodal Officer of the Department and the Secretary of the Department of Biotechnology are conducting regular reviews to ensure the prompt resolution of all pending matters.

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