Demand and Supply of Nuclear Fuel


There are currently twenty one (21) reactors with an installed capacity of 5780 MW. In addition, Kudankulam Unit-2 (KKNPP-2 1000 MW) has recently been connected to the grid and is presently generating infirm (noncommercial) power. The unit is expected to start commercial operation by the end of the year. Of the 22 reactors, 14 with a capacity of 4380 MW are under IAEA Safeguards and use imported uranium which is available in adequate quantity. Eight (8) reactors with aggregate capacity of 2400 MW are fuelled by indigenous uranium, of which there was a demand supply mismatch earlier leading to their being operated at lower power levels.

This 2 resulted in their lower capacity utilization. However, as a result of the efforts of the Government in augmentation of fuel, the Plant Load Factor (PLF) of the reactors fuelled by indigenous uranium has improved. There is presently no mismatch and the reactors are being operated close to their rated capacity. (c) Pursuant to the Civil Nuclear cooperation, contractual agreements were entered into with foreign suppliers to meet the fuel requirements of the Safeguarded Nuclear Power Plants. On the other hand, fuel requirements of the Outside Safeguarded Nuclear Power Plants are met through indigenous supplies from UCIL. (d) The details of import of nuclear fuel are tabulated below: Year M/s. JSC TVEL Corporation, Russia M/s. JSC NAC Kazatomprom, Kazakhstan M/s. CAMECO, Canada Quantity (MT) Quantity (MT) Quantity (MT) 2013-14 296.31 460 – 2014-15 296.54 283.4 – 2015-16 303.78 Nil 250.74 42.15* 2016-17 (up to 22.11.2016) 125.76 999.807 742.7 * Enriched Uranium Dioxide Pellets. (e) It is not in the public interest to disclose the indigenous supply of nuclear fuel to Nuclear Power Plants in the country. (f) Consequent upon the Civil Nuclear cooperation, the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) has been importing Uranium Ore to meet the Fuel requirements of safeguarded Nuclear Power Plants. Pursuant to the receipt of nuclear fuel from foreign sources, all the safeguarded nuclear power plants in the country are operating at full capacity.

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