Delhi Customs seizes illegally imported foreign-origin cigarettes worth 2 Cr

Delhi Customs
Delhi Customs

On the basis of specific information, the Delhi Customs Preventive has booked a case on 20/21 January 2024, against foreign-origin cigarettes, illegally imported/ smuggled and stored.  Total numbers 12.22 lakh sticks of various brands viz. ESSE, Mond, Dunhill, Davidoff, Gudang Garam, Platinum Seven etc have been seized. On preliminary scrutiny, on the basis of seized cigarettes, the value of these seized goods is around Rs. 2 crore and the exact valuation of the goods is underway.


Two shops and three godowns were searched in Katra Bariyan, Nayabans, Delhi-06 locality.

During investigation, it came to light that the activity of illegal import, storage and supply of various brands of foreign-origin cigarettes was stored in the above-mentioned shops and godown. The cigarette packets werewithout any specified statutory health warnings on the packets, otherwise taxable under the Customs Act, 1962. It is suspected that these cigarettes were imported illegally, evading Customs duty and in violation of the Cigarettes & other Tobacco Products (Packaging & labelling) Amendment Rules, 2022, and are being supplied in the domestic market.


The role of suppliers/ dealers and other stakeholders in the case is being inquired about. Further investigation into the matter is in progress.

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