Country Focus-Republic of Korea opens with Tunnel

Country Focus-Republic of Korea opens with Tunnel -indian Bureaucracy
Country Focus-Republic of Korea opens with Tunnel -indian Bureaucracy

Film makers from the Republic of Korea, the Country-Focus for IFFI 2016, addressed the media in Goa today. A total number of 18 films will be screened under this section and the opening film, Tunnel, was screened on today, at Kala Academy, Goa.

Director of the film, Tunnel, Kim Seong-hun said that it is his first visit to India and he is thrilled to meet a new audience at this venue. Furthermore, the other Directors and Producers present at the event talked about their films’ genres and storylines. The Korean Film Council (KOFIC) representative also present at the conference talked about the screening of 18 films at the fest and further about strengthening the foundation of Indo-Korean relationship through this step. He further added that Korea produces 3 films per year under co-production and has a budget of $ 300,000.

Director Lee Joon-ik of ‘Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet’, spoke about the removal of censorship in South Korea and its impact on the Korean Film Industry. He said that in the 70s, Hollywood had 80% share in the Korean market, while the Korean cinema only had a 20% share. But, with the complete removal of censorship, now the Korean cinema has gained 30% of the market share, while reducing Hollywood share by up to 50%.

Korean Film has come of age in terms of technology and production said the Korean Filmmakers.  The Directors believe that if the Indian audience enjoy Hollywood cinema, they will surely like Korean cinema as well, because just like Hollywood, Korean Cinema is also technology driven and at times, is way ahead of Hollywood.

The film ‘Tunnel’ tears down the conventional disaster movie genre. Through a disaster, which seems lifted from ordinary reality, the film reminds us all of the forgotten dignity of human life. The Director shifts smoothly between emotional extremes to create a distinctive and realistic disaster movie that brings something new to the genre. The heavy theme is interwoven with doses of laughter and action. The image of the collapsed tunnel and the lifelike recreation of its ravaged interior provide a stunning visual spectacle that has the Korean film industry buzzing in anticipation of its release.

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