Contribution of Steel Sector to India’s GDP


Indian Steel Sector’s contribution to overall Gross Domestic Product of the country is nearly 2% during 2015-16.

The total exposure of steel industry is about Rs. 3.13 lakh crore out of which Gross Non Performing Assets is about Rs. 1.15 lakh crore. This works out to 36.94% of total loan outstanding as on March, 2016

At the instance of Government, RBI has also recently reduced the overall policy rates which are expected to get translated into reduction in actual lending rates. The RBI accorded a flexible refinancing repayment option, popularly known as 5:25 scheme for long-term infrastructure projects, including steel where total exposure of the bank is above Rs. 500 crores. RBI has also brought in Strategic Debt Restructuring scheme to help debt ridden companies including steel companies. Further, in June 2016, RBI brought in another scheme called Scheme for Sustainable Structuring of Stressed Assets, also known as S4A scheme, with the same objective. The Government has taken a slew of measures to strengthen the positioning of the steel industry in the domestic market. They include imposition of antidumping and safeguard duties on a range of steel products with the objective of eliminating/reducing low priced unfairly treaded steel from countries such as China which negatively impacted profitability of the domestic steel producers and simultaneous loss of market share. The Government has initiated simultaneously wide ranging investment plans in infrastructure which is expected to increase the demand for steel.

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