Confirmed Tickets For Passengers Travelling to North-East

Tickets Passengers North-East_indianbureaucracy
Tickets Passengers North-East_indianbureaucracy

On Indian Railways, including on the North Eastern sector, demand of reserved accommodation is not uniform throughout the year and it varies during peak and lean period and also from class to class and sector to sector. During peak rush period, on popular routes demand generally exceeds availability, particularly in upper class.

However, during lean periods and on less popular routes and in lower class, confirmed accommodation remains available for comparatively longer period. With a view to provide confirmed accommodation, waiting list position of the trains is monitored and to meet the increased demand various measures are taken which include introduction of new trains, enhancement of the composition of more popular trains, attachment of extra coaches in the existing trains, running of special trains for clearance of extra passengers traffic during peak seasons, festivals, special events etc. keeping in view the pattern of traffic, commercial justification, operational feasibility, availability of resources etc.

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