Climate Change Impact on World Tourism

national tourism awards
national tourism awards

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has published the report “Connecting Global Climate Action” in 2015. This report outlines the progress the Travel and Tourism sector has made since the initial publication of “Leading the Challenge on Climate Change” and the sectors’ renewed commitments and priorities and serves as a roadmap for further industry collaboration and collective advancement.

Ministry of Tourism has evolved Comprehensive Sustainable Tourism Criteria (STCI) for three major segments of the tourism industry, namely accommodation, tour operators; Beaches, Backwaters, Lakes and River sectors which is applicable for the entire country. Furthermore, guidelines for approval of Hotel Projects at the implementation stage and also for Classification/Re-classification of operational hotels under various categories mandate incorporation of various eco-friendly measures like installation of Sewage Treatment Plant, Rain water Harvesting, Waste Management System, Pollution Control and Introduction of non-Chlorofluorocarbon equipment for refrigeration and air conditioners, energy and water conservation measures.

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