Benefits from MTCR for Space Programme


India as a major space faring nation and as a partner state in MTCR could play critical roles in various international fora such as UNCOPUOS, UN Conference on Disarmament (CD) and other space related international fora in major policy decisions relating to space applications, space security topics. India, as a Partner State of MTCR, can take part in the decision making process in ensuring non-proliferation of sensitive space technology related items, which are controlled through a list (called Technical Annex) and reviewed & revised annually through Technical Experts Meetings.

India joining MTCR would benefit our space development programme in:-

(i) Strengthening our international cooperation activities in high technology areas with other space faring nations.

(ii) Easing the procurements & supplies of export controlled high/ advanced technology items, components, materials, and equipment from other countries, especially MTCR partner states.

(iii) Enhancing our commercial ventures in terms of export of sub-systems, satellites and commercial launch services etc.

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