Automotive Mission Plan 2016-26

Automotive Mission_plan_indianbureaucracy
Automotive Mission_plan_indianbureaucracy

The Automotive Mission Plan [AMP 2026] envisages creation of 65 million jobs.

The salient features of the Automotive Mission Plan 2016-26 [AMP 2026] are:-
i) The Indian Automotive industry to be a top job creator – 65 million additional jobs.

ii) The Indian Automotive industry to be the prime mover of Manufacturing sector and “Make in India” Programme.
iii) The Indian Automotive industry to aim at increasing exports of vehicles by 5 times and components by 7.5 times.
iv) For success of AMP 2026, there is a need of coordinated and stable policy regime for the automotive sector.
v) Specific interventions are envisaged to sustain and improve manufacturing competitiveness and to address challenges of environment and safety.

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