Assistance Under Target Olympic Podium Scheme

Ministry of Youth
Ministry of Youth

Ministry of Youth Affairs  and Sports has launched the Target Olympic Podium (TOP) Scheme with the specific aim of supporting medal prospects for Olympic 2016 and 2020.  This is in addition to the support of the Ministry under its normal schemes for assistance to Sportsperson.  The funding for assistance under the TOP Scheme is from the National Sports Development Fund (NSDF).

106 athletes have been identified so far for support under the TOP scheme.

The NSDF has now released Rs 10.73 lakh to Shri Abhinav Bindra, who has been selected under the TOP Scheme for training in Germany. This makes the total assistance Rs 58.19 lakhs to Shri Bindra under TOP Scheme for training /purchase of equipments etc.

Ministry has also sanctioned financial assistance for training  to Boxer Mary Kom at Kirkby Amateur Club, Liverpool, UK under Mr. Charles Atkinson.  The programme includes three local competitions during the period of the training.  She would be accompanied by three support persons namely, Dr Nikhil Latey (Physiotherapist), Shri Lenin Meitei and Shri Chotelal Yadav (Personal Coaches) during the said training.

S No Item Amount Projected Amount Approved
1 Coaching fee GBP 1980 @ GBP 165 per day for 12 days GBP 1485 @ GBP 165 per day for 09 days
2 Accommodation GBP 300 per day for three rooms GBP 3000 @ GBP 300 per day for 03 rooms for 10 days (for the Boxer, Foreign Coach and 03 support persons)
3 Food GBP 50 per day per person for 05 persons GBP 2500  for 05 persons for 10 days
4 Local travel from  Manchester to Liverpool GBP 60 As per actual
Total Coaching fee: GBP 1485Other expenses: GBP 5560
Grand total GBP 7045 (GBP Seven Thousand Forty Five only)

Approval of the competent authority is hereby conveyed for release of money to the tune of 90% as indicated below:

(a)    Coaching fee: GBP 1336 (GBP One thousand three hundred thirty six only);
(b)   Other training expenses: GBP 5004 (GBP Five thousand four only)

Financial assistance from National Sports Development Fund under Top Scheme has been sanctioned  to Shri Viswash, Archerfor Body Massage for three times a week for a period of six months as under:

S No Item Cost/expenditure projected  Amount Approved 
1 Body Massage Rs. 1,80,000/-  (@ Rs. 1500/- per massage x 3 Times a Week for 6 months). Rs. 64,800/- (Rupees Sixty Four Thousand Eight Hundred only) (@ Rs. 900/- per massage x 3 Times a Week for  6 months)

The release of an amount of Rs. 58,320.00 (Rupees Fifty Eight Thousand Three Hundred and Twenty only) (i.e., 90% of the approved amount) has been released as advance to  Archer Vishwas.

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