Army casualties in Ceasefire Violations

indian arm
indian army

The details of ceasefire violations in J&K along Indo-Pakistan border are as under:-

Ceasefire Violations along Line of Control (LC)
International Border (IB) under operational control of Army
Ceasefire Violations along IB under operational control of BSF

(from 01 January to 30th Nov, 2015)249

(from 01 January to 31st Oct, 2015)

(b) Six Army personnel were martyred during the ceasefire violations along the LC in the said period.

(c) Compensation/benefits being paid to the Next of Kin of Army soldiers (Fatal Battle Casualties) is as under:

Monetary compensation to army soldiers’ families:

Ex Gratia Lump Sum Compensation from Central Government to Next of Kin (NoK) of Battle Casualty:

Death occurring due to accidents in the course of duties – Rs.10.00 lakh.
Death in the course of duties attributable to acts of violence by terrorists, etc. -Rs.10.00 lakh.
Death occurring during enemy action in war or border skirmishes or in action against militants, terrorists, etc.- Rs.15.00 lakh.
Death occurring during enemy action in International war or war like engagements specifically notified – Rs.20.00 lakh.
Death occurring while on duty in the specified high altitude, inaccessible border posts, etc. on account of natural disasters, extreme weather conditions -Rs.15.00 lakh.
Other Monetary Benefits:

Liberalised Family Pension: as applicable to Battle Casualty that is equal to emoluments last drawn by the deceased individual.
Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity: that is based on length of service rendered and emoluments last drawn by the deceased individual.
Army Group Insurance Fund:-
o Officers : Rs. 50.00 lakh

o JCO/ORs : Rs. 25.00 lakh

Army Group Insurance Maturity that is based on the contribution made by the deceased Army personnel.

Army Wives Welfare Association Fund:-
o Officers : Rs.10,000/-

o JCOs/ORs : Rs.15,000/- (w.e.f. 01 Apr, 2015)

Army Officers Benevolent Fund : Rs.50,000/-

Army Central Welfare Fund: Rs.30,000/-

Other Benefits:

o Education Concession

o Air Travel Concession

o Telephone Concession

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