Addicted to coffee at workplace | Understand do’s and don’ts

Majority of office dwellers find it absolutely impossible to get through their day without consuming caffeine though the form of intake may differ from person to person like black coffee, milk coffee, caffeinated beverages etc.

But why office goers love caffeine so much?

Late evening, still in office because you need to make a very important presentation for tomorrow’s meeting; this is a very common situation for many of us? Right? Why not take a cup of coffee and start with my thing. But have you ever thought why you always get attracted to a cup of coffee whenever you face a demanding situation?

This happens because caffeine is a very powerful stimulant which affects the brain to improve focus and alertness or wakefulness. It is a naturally occurring drug and mainly found in coffee. It also alters perception, mood and behavior to improve mental and physical performance. So, it basically helps you to stay focus when you are totally tired and need to finish something very important. Situations might be different at office for many of us but reason of sipping a cup of coffee remains the same.

Don’t get dependent on coffee!

If you can’t live without coffee than the information I am about to share might be beneficial for you. Caffeine is easily susceptible to tolerance; it means you will not be able to get the same effects after its regular use. Once you stop getting the same effects, you get susceptible and enter addiction phase where you start increasing the dosage (knowingly or unknowingly) in search of same effects. It might be in the form of increasing number of cups of coffee you drink during office hours, or adding some other source of caffeine beverages or you keep drinking coffee as your brains keeps asking for it even when it is not required actually. And you end up getting addicted finally over a period of time.

How to desensitize yourself from caffeine tolerance then?

Answer is really simple, give it a break. By break, I mean don’t have caffeine for 7-10 days after extended use of it or in other words have it only when you actually require it or the situation really demands for it but not daily. This way you can actually desensitize your body and it will prevent you from moving towards addiction phase.

What is the right dosage?

Caffeine suppress tiredness but it doesn’t mean you need to drink a whole lot of it to actually take benefit as higher dosages comes with side effects such as headache, palpitation,  confusion, nausea etc. These side effects may hamper your productivity rather than improving your performance at office. 1 -3 mg / kg of your bodyweight is enough to suppress your tiredness and keep you going. Anything extra you take will only move you towards tolerance roof.

Remember excess of anything is bad. So, drink your cup of coffee responsibly!


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About the Author : Lucky Gaur is an INFS Certified Fitness and Nutrition Consultant and a Diploma holder  in Naturopathy & Yogic Science, All India Nature Cure Federation. The views expressed in the article are his personal. 

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  1. Drinking too much tea or coffee leads to addiction.
    Eat mouth freshner like saunf instead of coffee.
    Replace coffee break with 15 minutes walking activity in office campus.
    15 minutes walk timer generally solve issues.

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