6th Brics Som Meeting – A Precursor of Ministerial Meeting


For providing an overarching vision and setting priorities for cooperation & joint action amongst BRICS country in the fields of Science, Technology and Innovation, the 6th BRICS Science & Technology Senior Official Meeting (SOM) was organized at Jaipur today.

Secretary, Department for Science & Technology Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, welcomed the delegates from the member countries to the BRICS SOM meeting. In his opening remarks, Professor Sharma emphasized enterprise model like product development, exploring of market for sustainable development goals, while continuing the focused collaboration in topical areas like High Performance Computing (HPC), cyber security, nanotechnology, energy, affordable medicine and technology based startups.

Director, CSIR-(National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies –NISTADS) Dr. P Goswami, made a detailed presentation on BRICS Science & Technology Enterprise Partnership (BRICS-STEP).. This proposal which promises a new hope for affective engagement of Young Scientists from BRICS country in developing enterprises through partnership with member countries has been evolved by India for consideration in this BRICS meeting. There was a consensus amongst the member countries, in principle. The implementation strategy is to be finalized soon.

Scientist from DST, Dr. Arvind Kumar, made a presentation on the outcome of the BRICS Funding Working Meeting which was held yesterday, which also included a small presentation by Dr Yaroslav on the 2016 BRICS call for Proposals. Dr. Kumar’s presentation also included some brief about the thematic workshops organized under the BRICS umbrella during the period of India’s Presidency.

Dr Suba Chandran gave highlights about the 1st BRICS Young Scientist Conclave organized recently at Bengaluru. The Government of India, based on good experiences it had in the Young Scientist Conclave, related to innovation ideas, has proposed the BRICS Innovation IDEA Award for the young scientist. The member countries agreed in principle for initiating the award with its modus operandi to be decided in next four months through consensus.

Russia proposed a partnership in the area of material science at Ural University, Russia. The Chairman appreciated the area which is topical and requested member countries to comment on the proposal.

The BRICS Ministerial Meeting is scheduled for 8th October, 2016 in which S&T Ministers from the BRICS Member Countries would be participating.

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