476 km of National Highway Projects approved by SFC


National Highway projects worth Rs. 6067.9 crores and totalling 476.386 km were cleared by the Standing Finance Committee on 15.11.16. These projects are in the states of Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, West Bengal, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. The details are as follows:

S.No. State Total length (in km) Total Project Cost (In Crores rupees) Mode Details
1. Manipur 47.68 230.46 EPC Strengthening 2-lane pavement with paved shoulder on a section of NH 39
2. Manipur 27 139.87 EPC Strengthening of 2-lane pavement with paved shoulder on a section of NH-39, (Mao- Imphal Section)
3. Nagaland 27.3 461.82 EPC Improvement of city portion of Dimapur & Kohima of NH-39
4. Arunachal Pradesh 10.9 341.83 EPC 4-laning of NH-415 (Itanagar to Banderdewa Section)
5. Maharashtra 41.617 484.15 EPC Upgrade to 2-lane with paved shoulder of Gadchiroli – Mul section of NH-930
6. Maharashtra 39.674 162.34 EPC Upgrade to 2 lane with paved shoulder of Mul-Chandrapur section of NH-930
7. Goa 11.9 354.43 EPC Construction of Margaon Western NH Bypass for NH 17 (New NH-66)
8. Maharashtra 86.872 2028.91 Hybrid Annuity 4/6 laning of Aurangabad-Telwadi section of NH-211 (New NH-52)
9. Maharashtra 67.231 1278.88 Hybrid Annuity 4/6 laning of Bodhre-Dhule section of NH-211 (New NH-52)
10. West Bengal 53.472 143.34 OMT 4-laning of Kolaghat to Haldia section of NH-41 with ROB cum Flyover
11. Uttarakhand 27.18 232.81 EPC Reconstruction with geometric improvement of 2 lane to 2 lane with paved shoulder of a sections of NH-125
12. Uttar Pradesh 35.56 209.1 EPC Rehab and upgrade Barhani-Kataya Chowk near Shohratgarh section of NH-730
Total 476.386 6067.9  



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