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Amit Kumar Agrawal IAS appointed Commissioner and Special Secy- Excise & Taxation, Haryana

Amit Kumar Agrawal IAS

Shri Amit Kumar Agrawal IAS (Haryana 2003) presently Secretary to Governor, Haryana  has been appointed as  Excise and Taxation Commissioner, Haryana and Special Secretary to Government, Haryana, Excise & Taxation Department.

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Praveen Kumar IAS appointed DG & Secretary- Welfare of Scheduled Castes & Backward Classes, Haryana

Praveen Kumar IAS

Shri Praveen Kumar IAS (Haryana 2001) presently Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Haryana Minerals Ltd. New Delhi has been appointed as Director General (DG)- Welfare of Scheduled Castes & Backward Classes, Haryana and Secretary- Welfare of Scheduled Castes & Backward Classes, Haryana.

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Eyes have a natural version of night vision finds research

Summary:To see under starlight and moonlight, the retina of the eye changes both the software and hardware of its light-sensing cells to create a kind of night vision. Retinal circuits that were thought to be unchanging and programmed for specific tasks actively adapt to different light conditions, say the scientists who made the discovery.

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17 IAS transferred in Haryana | Indian Bureaucracy Update

Haryana Govt
  1. Ms Prinyanka Soni IAS (Haryana 2012) appointed as Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Panipat vice Shri Pradeep Kumar-I HCS.
  2. Ms Geeta Bharti IAS (Haryana 2005) transferred and appointed as Special Secretary to Government, Haryana, Public Works (B&R), Public Health Engineering Departments and Secretary, Traders Welfare Board, Haryana.
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Vivek Joshi IAS appointed CEO- GMDA, Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority

vivek joshi ias

Shri Vivek Joshi IAS (Haryana 1989) presently Principal Secretary to Haryana-  Monitoring and Coordination Department, Commissioner- Ambala Division, Chief Administrator- Trade Fair Authority, Director- Swaran Jayanti Haryana Institute for Fiscal Management, Principal Resident Commissioner- Haryana Bhawan, New Delhi and designated CEO- Kundli… Read More

V Umashankar IAS appointed Addl Principal Secretary to Haryana CM

V Umashankar IAS

Shri V Umashankar IAS (Haryana 1993) presently Chief Executive Officer, Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority, Gurugram, has been appointed as Additional Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Haryana.

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Rajnarayan Kaushik IAS appointed Director & Spl Secy – Medical Education & Research, Haryana

Rajnarayan Kaushik IAS

Shri Rajnarayan Kaushik IAS (Haryana 2010) presently Director- Elementary Education,  Haryana and Additional Secretary to Govt. Haryana, School Education Department has been appointed as Director- Medical Education & Research, Haryana and Special Secretary to Government, Haryana, Medical Education & Research Department.

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Rakesh Gupta IAS appointed DG- Secondary Education & Secretary- School Education, Haryana

Rakesh Gupta IAS

Shri Rakesh Gupta IAS (Haryana 1997) presently  Additional Principal Secretary- Chief Minister, Haryana has been appointed as Director General (DG)- Secondary Education, Haryana and Secretary- School Education Department, Haryana .

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Sanjibeeta Ray OAS transferred as LRO- Office of ADM, Bhubaneswar

Odisha Administrative Service (OAS)

Ms Sanjibeeta Ray OAS presently Ex-Tahasildar, Cuttack UoT as Tahasildar, puri , has been transferred and posted as LRO, O/o-ADM, Bhubaneswar.

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Rajiv Rattan IAS appointed Spl Secy- Home-Il Dept and Commissioner- Gurudwara Elections, Haryana

Rajiv Rattan IAS

Shri Rajiv Rattan IAS (Haryana 2008) presently Director- Secondary Education, Haryana, Special Secretary – School Education Department, Director- Archaeology & Museums Haryana and Special Secretary – Archaeology & Museums Department, Haryana has been appointed as Special Secretary- Home-Il Department and Commissioner- Gurudwara… Read More

Ramesh Chander Bidhan IAS appointed Director & Spl Secretary- State Transport, Haryana

R C Bidhan IAS

Shri Ramesh Chander Bidhan IAS (Haryana 2005) presently  Director- Industrial Training & Employment, Haryana and Special Secretary to Haryana Government on Skill Development & Industrial Training and Employment Departments, has been appointed as Director- State Transport, Haryana and Special Secretary to Government, Haryana, Transport… Read More