10 Metro Stations to go Cashless through Paytm

10 Metro Stations to go Cashless through Paytm indian bureaucracy
10 Metro Stations to go Cashless through Paytm indian bureaucracy

10 Metro stations of the Delhi Metro network will go completely cashless in their transactions from 1st January, 2017 onwards as part of the Government of India’s vision to transform India into a cashless economy.

The cashless transactions for token/smart card purchase/top up at these stations can be done through Paytm by using Paytm QR-code, which will be displayed at Token Counters/Customer Care Centre of these stations. 

Following steps to be followed by passengers for making cashless transactions at Token Counter/Customer Care:  

1)      Passenger should have Paytm application on his mobile phone.

2)      Passenger will visit Token counter/Customer Care and will request for token, Smart Card or recharge Smart Card etc.

3)      Passenger will have to check his fare of desired destination from fare chart available at Token counter/Customer Care

4)      Passenger will scan QR code available at Token counter/Customer Care and make payment of desired fare amount or desired amount to purchase of token, smart card or recharge smart card or payment of penalty/surcharge etc.

5)      As soon as passenger will make payment, Token counter/Customer Care operator will get SMS on Paytm  mobile.

6)      Token counter/Customer Care operator may ask last 4 digit of passenger’s mobile number for verification.

7)      Token counter/Customer Care operator will perform transactions of issue token, sale/recharge Smart Card, collect surcharge/penalty etc.

The 10 stations are: 

The stations have been selected keeping in mind certain factors to ensure that commuters don’t face issues while going for cashless transactions, like:

1.      All these stations have 70 percent or more Smart Card users as a result of which cash transactions here are moderate in comparison to other stations.

2.      Adequate mobile connectivity

3.      Provision of at least two or more Token Vending machines. For the use of the TVMs also, provision of payment through debit/credit cards will be gradually introduced.

4.      In order to implement this plan, DMRC’s station staff will also be given adequate training and a committee of all concerned departments will be made to monitor the implementation.

5.      For exigencies, one counter with the option of cash transactions will also remain available at these stations initially.

Procedure for refund:- 

1)      If any passenger wants to refund his purchased token within stipulated time i.e. 60 minutes from time of issue, Customer Care operator will refund the token (no cash will be given to the commuter) and manual receipt will be issued to the passenger and he will inform that the amount will be refunded within 4 working days in his/her paytm wallet.

2)      Transactions of Surcharge/penalty /sale of Smart Card will be collected through Paytm /POS machines, if passenger doesn’t have paytm facility, then same may be collected in cash. But all efforts to be made that these amounts should be collected through Paytm/POS machines.

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