Western US
Case Studies

Western US mountain glaciers shrinking

November 9, 2017

Summary:A technique using satellites to create twice-yearly elevation maps of US mountain glaciers provides new insight into thinning of glaciers in the lower 48

Insufficient sleep
Case Studies

Less fear with better Sleep

October 31, 2017

Summary:Higher quality sleep patterns are associated with reduced activity in brain regions involved in fear learning, according to a study of young adults. The

Step toward
Case Studies

Creating hypersonic speed planes

October 11, 2017

Summary:A recent study could lead to a drastic decrease in flight times. The study is one of the first steps toward the creation of

Olive Oil
Case Studies

Health benefits of Olive Oil and Olives

September 16, 2017

Summary:A research team discovered that the olive-derived compound oleuropein helps prevent type 2 diabetes. The health benefits of olives — and associated natural products

Artificial intelligence
Case Studies

AI predicts dementia before onset of symptoms

August 29, 2017

Summary:Imagine if doctors could determine, many years in advance, who is likely to develop dementia. Such prognostic capabilities would give patients and their families